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Idioms: a daredevil -- a dog's age

a daredevil a daring person, bodacious, take a chance What a daredevil! She jumped across a ten-foot chasm!
a dead giveaway a clear signal, an obvious sign The smile on her face was a dead giveaway that she got the job.
a dead heat a race that finishes in a tie for first, dead even A photograph of the finish line proved that it was a dead heat.
a dead loss a complete loss, a write-off (see write it off) The spoiled meat was a dead loss. We couldn't eat any of it.
a dead ringer a very close likeness, like a twin Chad is a dead ringer for Mel Gibson. They look like twins.
a dickens of a time a difficult task, a task with problems, a hell of a time After the car slid in the ditch we had a dickens of a time getting it back on the road.
a different kettle of fish different, not the same A cult is not a religion. A cult is a different kettle of fish entirely.
a dildo [B] a manufactured penis, a vibrator shaped like a penis "When Ed's away I use a dildo."
"Oh. That's interesting."
a dime a dozen very cheap, low priced, dirt cheap He can remember when eggs were cheap - a dime a dozen.
a dog's age a long time, 10-15 years, a coon's age Mel! I haven't seen you for a dog's age - at least ten years!
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