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Idioms: cut my teeth on -- cut the mustard

cut my teeth on learned as a young person, learned as I grew up Yes, I can tie a bow knot. I cut my teeth on string and ropes.
cut off not allowed to do it any more, stopped from doing We have to cut off beer sales at 12 midnight. No more sales.
cut off drive in front of, swerve into your lane That jerk cut me off! He swerved into my lane!
cut off interrupt, prevent from talking, shut down The chairman cut me off in the middle of my question. "You're out of order," he said.
cut off your nose to spite your face make your problem worse, hurt yourself because you dislike yourself If you abuse drugs to forget a problem, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.
cut out for have natural ability for, be suited to I guess I'm just not cut out for bull riding. I'm not good at it.
cut rate second class, sold for less than full price We bought some cut-rate lumber and built a shelter for the boat.
cut the cheese [B] let off gas, fart, pass wind Then somebody cut the cheese, and everybody laughed.
cut the crap [B] stop telling lies, stop doing stupid things, no more bull Will somebody tell him to cut the crap and give us the facts!
cut the mustard do the job properly, cut it If I'm too old to cut the mustard, maybe I should retire, eh.
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