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Idioms: do a 180 -- do it the hard way

do a 180 turn around and go in the opposite direction, U-turn When the boy on the motorcycle saw the police car, he did a 180 and sped off.
do a dime be in prison for ten years, do time If you shoot somebody you'll do a dime, maybe more.
do a favor help someone who asks, do a task for someone Ben offered to do me a favor if I ever need help.
do a gig play music for a dance or concert Our band is doing a gig at Bijo's tonight. We play from 10 till 2.
do a number on deceive, fool, taken, taken in They did a number on us when we bought this car. It's not reliable.
do away with throw out, dispose of We want to do away with nuclear weapons - to dispose of them.
do-dad an object with a name you cannot remember, do-funny A little do-dad on the back of the carburetor was sticking. That was the problem.
do drugs use drugs, take drugs They don't hire people who do drugs. No way.
do-funny a thing with a funny name, thing-a-ma-bob You put the do-funny on the lever, and you're finished!
do it the hard way use a poor method, go against the grain Don't start a fire with stones. That's doing it the hard way.
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