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Idioms: each to his own -- ears pinned back 

each to his own (See to each his own)
eager beaver a person who wants to work Joan is the eager beaver in this class. She likes to work.
eagle eyes a person who can see details or errors We call him Eagle Eyes because he finds so many lost golf balls.
ear candy music that is pleasant, beautiful music The theme music in the movie Out of Africa is ear candy.
ear to the ground (See keep your ear to the ground)
earful (See an earful)
early bird (See the early bird gets the worm)
ears are burning the "ears" in your mind hear people talking about you "How did you know we were talking about you?" "Because my ears were burning!"
ears lowered (See have my ears lowered)
ears pinned back told to behave, disciplined The rowdy kid needs his ears pinned back. Tell him to behave.

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