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Idioms: fever breaks -- fifth wheel 

fever breaks fever stops, fever begins to go down His fever broke last night. He's going to be alright.
few and far between very few, rare, the odd one Canada still has timber wolves, but they are few and far between.
fib small lie, white lie "What's a fib, Dad?" "It's a lie. It's the same as a lie."
Fibber McGee's closet a closet or cupboard so full of stuff that some of it falls out when the door is opened, everything but the kitchen sink My brain is like Fibber McGee's closet. If you ask me a question, a whole bunch of stuff comes tumbling out!
fickle finger of fate (See the fickle finger of fate)
fiddlesticks oh no, darn, nuts, rats, shucks Fiddlesticks! I forgot to get the mail!
fido effort, drive, get the lead out I wouldn't say he's lazy, but he needs more fido!
fifth business an unimportant player, an extra member You are fifth business, Dunny. Anyone can play your part.
fifth column an inside group of supporters of an outside force, possibly traitors; the fifth column Our children prevented our divorce. They knew who was causing our breakup - they were like a fifth column!
definition provided by Claudia Crowley
fifth wheel (See a fifth wheel)

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