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Idioms: a little thick -- a lucky break

a little thick too much praise, too many nice statements, kiss the blarney stone, over the top His praise for the governor was a little thick, a bit too much, I think.
a long shot a poor chance of winning, a slim chance The Leafs winning the Stanley Cup - now that's a long shot.
a loose cannon unpredictable employee, one who may embarrass The President is sensible, but the Vice President is a loose cannon.
a losing streak losing several times in succession The Leafs are on a losing streak. They've lost seven games!
a lost cause a goal or project that is not worth working for That video store is a lost cause. It has never made a profit.
a lot of bunk a lot of lies, a lot of bull, a pack of lies The President's speech was a lot of bunk. It contained no facts.
a lot of folderol a lot of foolish talk, a lot of bunk When you hear me speak Latin, you'll think it's a lot of folderol.
a lot on the ball intelligent, smart Melvin may not look intelligent, but he's got a lot on the ball.
a love tap a gentle hit with the hand, a light push or bump I didn't hit you very hard. It was just a love tap.
a lucky break good luck, good fortune, stroke of good luck Finding that money was a lucky break. It was our good fortune.
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