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Idioms: from the get-go -- fuck off [B]

from the get-go from the beginning, from day one First, a dog has to learn who's boss - right from the get-go.
from the horse's mouth (See straight from the horse's mouth)
from the word go from the beginning, from the start You knew I worked for the KGB. You knew it from the word go.
from time to time once in awhile, occasionally They visit us from time to time - every year or two.
front man one who performs before the star goes on stage Mic is the front man for Dolly. He sings before she does her act.
front me lend me money for now, put up the money If you will front me, I can buy the car and then repay you.
front runner leader, one of the best With this new model, Nissan will be a front runner again.
frosty Friday (See that'll be the frosty Friday)
fuck all nothing, zero, diddly, zip You know what I get for helping him? Fuck all - that's what. I just do it because I want to.
fuck off [B] go, get out of here, get lost, take off When I asked him to move his truck, he told me to fuck off.
Some say fuck is an acronym for found under carnal knowledge, but I believe this is an urban myth. The American Heritage Dictionary has more on the use and the etymology of this obscenity.

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