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Idioms: a nail-biter -- a pain in the butt

a nail-biter exciting game or movie; having much suspense Have you seen the movie The Fugitive? It's a nail-biter.
a necktie party a hanging, a lynching If the men catch the outlaw, they want to have a necktie party.
a new broom sweeps clean an employee works hard on the first day or two, make a good impression After my first day working for Grandfather, he said, "A new broom sweeps clean."
a new lease on life a feeling that life will be better, a fresh start The promotion gave him a new lease on life.
a notch below inferior, not as good That bicycle is a notch below the Peugeot. It's not quite as good.
a nut case a person who is crazy, crackpot If you go to work in pajamas, people will say you're a nut case.
A-OK fine, better than average This restaurant is A-OK. The food and service are good.
a pack of lies many lies, no truth to it What Gail is saying about Julie is a pack of lies. It's not true.
a pain in the ass [B] a bother, a lot of trouble Fixing that car every day is a pain in the ass.
a pain in the butt a person who causes problems, a pain in the ass Hal keeps interrupting me. He's a pain in the butt!
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