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Idioms: get your hopes up -- get your wires crossed 

get your hopes up cause you to be hopeful, pin your hopes on Now don't get your hopes up, but I plan to appeal your conviction.
get your jollies (See get your kicks)
get your kicks enjoy yourself, have fun How do you get your kicks? Do you sing? Dance? Travel?
get your knuckles rapped be punished, get hell, get shit [B] If I forget to register my guns, I'll get my knuckles rapped.
get your mind around understand, comprehend, wrap your mind around He explained DNA, but I can't get my mind around it.
get your shirt in a knot/ get your shit in a knot [B] want to hurry or rush, hurry up If we asked Pop to hurry, he'd say, "Don't get your shirt in a knot!"
get your shit together [B] become organized, make a plan and follow it A counselor can help you get your shit together. Talk to one.
get your tits in a wringer cause trouble for yourself, get into trouble If there's hash in your suitcase you could get your tits in a wringer.
get your way do what you want to do, have it your way You used to get your way with Mom and Dad. They trusted you.
get your wires crossed get the wrong meaning, communicate poorly We got our wires crossed. I said someday, and you heard Sunday!

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