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Idioms: give a black eye -- give her

give a black eye cause a loss of respect for a person or organization, pride goeth before a fall When a priest is convicted of sexual assault, it gives the Catholic Church a black eye.
give a damn / give a shit / give a fuck [B] care about, don't give a damn, give a hoot Look at his hair. He doesn't give a damn about his appearance.
give a hoot care; show interest, show concern The problem with Julio is that he doesn't give a hoot about family.
give a little be flexible, do not be so firm When you discuss the divorce terms, try to give a little.
give a shit [B] care, feel interest or concern, don't give a damn Sometimes I wonder if you give a shit - about anything!
give an arm and a leg give a lot, pay a lot, give my eye teeth She'd give an arm and a leg to have her baby back.
give an inch concede a little bit, compromise, let up We asked Dad to change his rule, but he wouldn't give an inch.
give and take win and lose, give something to get something Marriage works on a give-and-take basis - more give than take.
give head [B] give oral sex to a man, perform fellatio Can you catch AIDS from giving head?
give her use more power, give it all you've got If the foreman wants us to work faster, he yells, "Give 'er!"

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