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Idioms: give you a hard time -- give you shit [B]

give you a hard time tease you, criticize you, a hassle you Did the class give you a hard time about losing their papers?
give you a line tell you a false story, hand you a line Don't believe him. He's giving you a line about being wealthy.
give you a ribbing tease you, bug you, give you a hard time When I got stuck in the lake, my friends gave me a ribbing.
give you a rough time tease you, hassle you (see hassle me) The players gave me a rough time about scoring on my own goalie.
give you a run for your money compete with you, try to defeat you I'm not the best skier, but I'll give you a run for your money.
give you an out give you an excuse, allow you to beg off You don't have to work. Your sore back will give you an out.
give you flack tell you what you did wrong, criticize you He gave me flack for smoking in his car. The smell bothers him.
give you hell [B] lecture you, scold you, tie into you She'll give you hell if you come late to her class, so be on time.
give you odds if I lose the bet, I pay you more money than you bet I'll give you odds that Montreal will win. I'll bet $2; you bet $1.
give you shit [B] lecture you, be angry with you, give you hell If you spend too much money he'll give you shit.

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