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Idioms: a paltry sum -- a piece of cake

a paltry sum a small amount of money, chicken feed, peanuts What did I pay for this painting? A paltry sum - I bought it at a garage sale.
a paper trail a series of memos or letters that record events A business merger leaves a long paper trail - many documents.
a party to that a person who helps to do something bad Jane said she didn't want to be a party to computer theft.
a pat answer a planned or memorized answer, a canned answer You won't get the job if you give a pat answer to every question.
a penny for your thoughts tell me what you are thinking about When I'm quiet, she will say, "A penny for your thoughts."
a perfect stranger a person you have never seen, a total stranger In New York, a perfect stranger asked her to sleep with him.
a pick-me-up something that gives me energy or new life On a hot afternoon, a glass of iced tea is a great pick-me-up.
a picture is worth a thousand words a picture is easier to understand than a report or essay Instead of more talk, I'll draw thousand words a diagram. A picture is worth a thousand words.
a piece of ass [B] sex, intercourse, nookie If it's just a piece of ass you want, why don't you find a prostitute?
a piece of cake easy to do, it's a snap, no problem Solving the puzzle was easy. It was a piece o' cake.
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