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Idioms: a pocket of resistance -- a redneck

a pocket of resistance a small group resisting, a few people not on side There's a pocket of resistance in one district. A few disagree.
a poker face a face with no expression; showing no emotion Judge Brady has a poker face. He doesn't show his emotions.
a pop per person, per ticket "How much are the tickets?" "Fifty dollars a pop."
a pretty penny a lot of money, a high price I bet she paid a pretty penny for that coat. It looks expensive.
a question of the important factor, the issue For them, it's a question of faith. They believe in the Bible.
a quick study a person who tries to learn much in a short time, a crash course When my wife was elected to city council, I became a quick study in municipal politics.
a quickie a quick game or visit, a short time of play I love to play chess. Do we have time for a quickie before dinner?
a raw deal an unfair contract, paying too much, taken in If he's charging too much rent you're getting a raw deal.
a red-letter day a special day, a memorable day This is going to be a red-letter day. I found my lost keys!
a redneck a person who is intolerant of other opinions and cultures, a bigot If you ask a redneck he'll say, "Find a job or starve - and if you don't like it, too bad."
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