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Idioms: a regular guy -- a sack of hammers

a regular guy an average man, a good guy David? Well, he's honest and easy to live with - a regular guy.
a riot a lot of fun, a good time, a hoot You should've gone to Maude's party. It was a riot!
a rip-off unfair price or rule, priced too high The price of drinks was a rip-off. A small Coke cost $3!
a roll in the hay [B] making love, having sex I asked her if she wanted a roll in the hay, and she said, "Sure. Do you have a condom?"
a rolling stone gathers no moss a person who is always moving has few possessions "Look at me. I have nothing to keep me in one place." "Yes, but it seems you have always been a rolling stone."
a rough time a lot of teasing, a lot of bugging Did your friends give you a rough time about your funny haircut?
a rough time of it a time of stress or bad luck, a tough time of it After the divorce he had a rough time of it.
a royal pain a feeling of irritation, a pain in the ass When he brags about his wealthy family, he gives me a royal pain.
a run for your money strong competition, an opponent I should enter the election and give him a run for his money.
a sack of hammers a dead weight, a heavy object Don't throw me in the lake! I'll sink like a sack of hammers!
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