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Idioms: honest-to-goodness -- hook, line and sinker

honest-to-goodness genuine, real, the real McCoy It's not a fake! It's an honest-to-goodness Van Gogh painting!
honestly truthfully, in fact, upon my word Honestly, I don't understand you. I really don't.
honesty is the best policy telling the truth is the best plan, honesty pays off Above the teacher's desk is this sign: Honesty is the best policy.
honey dear, darling, sweetie pie Honey, where are the tomatoes? Do we have any tomatoes?
honky white person, Caucasian Then this honky gave us a ride. Some whites are nice, eh.
hoo-haw [B] penis, dork, prick "Yes, I've seen a hoo-haw," she said. "I have three brothers."
hooch liquor, booze, homebrew, screech Arne brought a bottle of hooch to the dance.
hood teenage boy involved in crime, hoodlum Ron looks like a hood, but he's a good boy - and a good student.
hook up with join, travel together In Calgary, I hooked up with a guy from Montreal.
hook, line and sinker completely, fully, without hesitation, fall for that Martina believes my story - hook, line and sinker! She believes everything I tell her.

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