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Idioms: a takeoff on -- a tongue-lashing

a takeoff on similar to, based on the same idea, a send-up The school play was a takeoff on Shakespeare's Hamlet.
a talking to a scolding, a personal lecture If he has a poor attitude, Dan will give him a talking to.
a tall one a large drink of liquor, a strong drink After he heard the bad news, he poured himself a tall one.
a tempest in a teapot a lot of excitement about a small problem The argument was over quickly. It was a tempest in a teapot.
a thorn in my side one who thwarts you, one who irritates you, bug He's always been a thorn in my side - always critical of me.
a three-bagger (baseball) a hit that allows the batter to run to third base Molitor hit a three-bagger in the sixth game of the World Series.
a three-bagger a person who needs three bags over his head because he looks so scary "What did he look like?" "He was at least a three-bagger. He also needed a bath."
a titch (See just a titch)
a token gesture a small sign of thanks or recognition To thank us, they put our names in the paper - a token gesture.
a tongue-lashing a scolding, a lecture, a talking to When Sis came home drunk, Dad gave her a tongue-lashing.
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