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Idioms: it works -- it's a snap

it works it is right, it looks nice, it is a good style If you place the vase over there and the statue here, it works.
itsy-bitsy / itty-bitty very tiny, mini, teeny-weeny An itsy-bitsy halter held her hefty breasts.
it's a case of it is an example of, it is a case of With Bud, it's a case of too much love. His wife smothers him.
it's a crock (See that's a crock)
it's a dilly it is beautiful, it is special, I really like it Have you seen Tom's new bike? It's a dilly!
it's a Duesey it's as beautiful as a Duesenberg roadster, it's special You should see Karl's baseball glove. It's a Duesey!
it's a go it is approved, we can begin After Ty read the fax, he said, "It's a go! Our proposal won!"
it's a jungle out there the world is dangerous, the world is cruel "Why can't I walk home alone?" "Because it's a jungle out there."
it's a matter of life and death it must be done to save a life, they will die if we do nothing We must stop the bleeding. It's a matter of life and death.
it's a snap it is easy to do, it is a piece of cake You should try making a paper plane. It's a snap.

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