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Idioms: jump to conclusions -- just a smidgeon

jump to conclusions form conclusions before you have all the facts, jump the gun If you see a wrecked car and say that the driver was drunk, you are jumping to conclusions.
jumping Jehoshaphat holy cow, jimminy crickets, wow "Your VISA balance is $63,756." "Jumping Jehoshaphat! Is it?"
jungle mouth smelly breath, unpleasant odor on the breath Most people have jungle mouth when they wake up in the morning, but not me!
junk illegal drugs: dope, acid etc. He tried to smuggle junk into Canada. He hid drugs in his shoes.
junk food snack food, food with little nutritional value They eat junk food for lunch - chips, candy and pop.
junk it throw it away, put it in the garbage If a pen is leaking, junk it. Throw it away.
junk mail advertisements and commercial letters On her mail box she wrote a sign: NO JUNK MAIL!
junkie a person who does junk or drugs; skids "What is a junkie?" "A person who uses bad drugs."
jury-rig make a substitute, improvise When we don't have a fuse, Dad jury-rigs one with silver paper.
just a smidgeon just a little, just a small amount "Would you like more cream?" "Just a smidge, please."

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