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Idioms: kiss it off -- knee high to a grasshopper

kiss it off not deal with it, put it off We're fighting for equal pay. We won't let them kiss it off.
kiss of death an action that results in failure or loss His TV speech was a disaster - the kiss of death for his party.
kiss off go, get lost, take off When he's angry with me he says, "Kiss off!"
kiss that one goodbye say it is lost or stolen, down the drain Hank borrowed your new pen? You can kiss that one goodbye.
kiss the blarney stone say a lot of compliments, flattery will get you... You always say that I look nice. Did you kiss the blarney stone?
kit and caboodle everything, all the stuff, the whole shebang The canoe tipped, and it all fell in the river - the whole kit and caboodle!
kitty bar the door play defensively, play only to prevent a goal In the third period we played kitty bar the door and won 4-2.
kitty-corner the diagonally opposite corner of an intersection The Bay is kitty-corner from the drugstore.
klutz a clumsy person, one who makes careless mistakes What a klutz I am! I poured sugar in the salt shaker!
knee high to a grasshopper small or short, the size of a child When we lived in Oslo, you were just knee high to a grasshopper.

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