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Idioms: knock -- knock them down, drag them out

knock criticize, put down Don't knock the teacher. She's trying to help us learn.
knock against (See the knock against)
knock around with be friends with, hang around with Lynn used to knock around with us. She was our friend.
knock flat knock down, knock over The flag pole was knocked flat - hit by a truck.
knock it off stop it, do not do that When we teased the bull, Dad told us to knock it off.
knock me over with a feather I was very surprised, I could not believe it, blow me down When she told me she was married to my ex-husband, you could have knocked me over with a feather.
knock off remove, kill One by one, the wolves were knocked off - shot by hunters.
knock out hit a person until he is unconscious, out cold You punched him very hard. You knocked him out.
knock the wind out of his sails cause him to slow down, cause him to quit, knock him down a peg (see knock you down a peg) If you tell him his letter is full of errors, you'll knock the wind out of his sails.
knock them down, drag them out fighting, brawling, Donnybrook, no holds barred After the game, a few soccer fans began to fight. It was a knock-em-down-drag-em-out brawl.

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