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Idioms: letter-perfect -- life is just a bowl of cherries

letter-perfect perfect in every detail, like a machine-printed alphabet, picture-perfect "How did I do on my theory test?" "It was letter-perfect, but can you hear all of the notes you have written so neatly?"
lettuce money, dough, moola A billion dollars is a lot of lettuce! It's more than I need.
level the playing field make it equal for everyone, a level playing field If we train all employees, we help to level the playing field.
level with you be honest with you, the straight goods Peter will level with you. He'll tell you what the doctor said.
lick and a promise (See a lick and a promise)
lick your wounds become healthy again, recover from a defeat After losing the election, he went home to lick his wounds.
lickety-split moving fast, boot it, hell bent for election The train is going lickety-split, at least sixty miles an hour!
lie down on the job stop working, refuse to work Yes, I take long coffee breaks, but I would never lie down on the job.
life in the fast lane a fast-paced life, living or working in a large city We tried life in the fast lane - in Toronto - but Seth didn't like it.
life is just a bowl of cherries life is just wonderful, life is grand When Anne is happy, she says, "Life is just a bowl of cherries!"

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