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Idioms: a babe in arms -- a barrel of laughs

a babe in arms a baby, a child who is still wet behind the ears Dar was just a babe in arms when we emigrated to Canada.
a babe in the woods a defenseless person; a naive, young person He's just a babe in the woods. He needs someone to protect him.
a bad taste in my mouth a feeling that something is false or unfair, a feeling of ill will I left the meeting with a bad taste in my mouth. There was a lot of dishonesty in the room.
a bad time a lot of teasing, a rough time The class gave him a bad time about his pink shorts.
a ball-park figure a number that is near the total; approximate figure Fifty is a ball-park figure. It's close to our class size.
a bar fly a person who often goes to bars or lounges Every evening Penny goes to Lucifer's. She's quite a bar fly.
a bar star a girl who goes to bars to drink and find friends Lola was known as a bar star at Pinky's Lounge.
a bare-faced lie a deliberate lie, a planned lie His statement to the police was false - a bare-faced lie.
a barnburner an exciting game, a cliff-hanger When the Flames play the Oilers it's a barnburner - a great game.
a barrel of laughs a lot of fun, a person who makes you laugh Let's invite Chang to our party. He's a barrel of laughs.
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