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Idioms: move over -- mum's the word

move over move a little, move to the next chair, make room I asked him if he would move over so I could sit beside him.
move you to tears cause you to feel sadness or sympathy, touch you The songs in Gorecki's Third Symphony will move you to tears.
move your ass move quickly, get going, move it If you want to ride on the train, you better move your ass. It's leaving now.
movers and shakers owners, investors, wheeler-dealer We invited all the big investors: the movers and shakers.
much obliged very thankful, very grateful, thanks a million "You can stay with us until your wounds heal," she said. "Much obliged, Ma'am," I replied.
muckrake gossip, tell bad stories If you talk about your opponent, try to avoid muckraking.
mudsling insult people, criticize other candidates The Liberal leader lost my vote when he began mudslinging.
mugged stopped and robbed, held up by robbers (see hold up) If you walk down Cordova Street at night, you could get mugged.
mull over think about, consider, think it over I've been mulling over what you said about love. I believe it's more spiritual than physical.
mum's the word do not tell anyone, this is on the QT She told us the secret. Then she whispered, "Mum's the word."

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