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Idioms: over the hill -- own worst enemy

over the hill too old, on his last legs At 35, he was over the hill - too old to play pro soccer.
over the hump past the difficult part, into an easier phase After saving $2000, I was over the hump. I could pay the tuition.
over the rainbow eccentric, weird, a bit off, spinny Aunt Freda? She's been over the rainbow for years, poor lady.
over the top too much, exaggerated, ham it up, a send-up His interpretation of Hamlet was over the top. Hamlet is a tragic figure, not a comic figure.
over with completed, finished, over and done with Now that the trial is over with, we can return to a normal life.
overdo it work too hard, become too tired The doctor said I can work in the garden if I don't overdo it.
owly cranky, unco-operative, negative When Herb gets drunk he gets owly - kind of stubborn.
own medicine giving what you got, tit for tat She hurt me so I'll hurt her - give her some of her own medicine!
own up admit a mistake, come clean If Jason is involved in the crime, he'll own up. He'll tell the police.
own worst enemy create our own problems, prevent our own success A smoker is his own worst enemy. He's harming himself.

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