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Idioms: piss in the pickles [B] -- pissed [B]

piss in the pickles [B] ruin a project, wreck a piece of work Plans for a school were OK until the Premier pissed in the pickles.
piss like a race horse [B] have to urinate, back teeth are floating I hope this mall has a washroom. I have to piss like a race horse.
piss off [B] leave, go, beat it, take off "If you don't like cigar smoke," he said, "you can piss off."
piss on them [B] who cares about them? they are worthless When Scotty heard you quit the team, he said, "Piss on him!"
piss parade [B] a group of people pissing together On bus trips we stopped for a piss parade every two or three hours.
piss poor [B] of poor quality, not well made Grandpa said, "That's a piss-poor tractor. Don't buy it."
piss pot full [B] a lot, very many, more than expected After the poker game, Sammy had a piss pot full of loonies.
piss your pants [B] become very frightened, be very scared The House of Horrors is so scary you'll piss your pants!
pissed [B] angry, upset, teed off She was really pissed when you told her to carry your luggage.
pissed [B] drunk, hammered, sloshed When I saw her walk, I knew she was pissed. She nearly fell down.

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