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Idioms: play havoc with -- play my cards right

play havoc with interfere with, cause sudden changes The wind played havoc with the ball, causing it to rise or fall.
play hooky not attend classes, stay away from school One spring day, some of us played hooky. We went fishing.
play into his hand do as he planned, fall into his trap (see fall into a trap) By accepting a ride in Paul's car, you played right into his hand.
play it by ear play without a plan, improvise, jam If our plans fail, we can play it by ear. We'll be creative!
play it cool be calm, do not become excited, chill out If Lisa tells you she's pregnant, play it cool. Don't become angry.
play it for all it's worth get the most out of it, dramatize it, ham it up When Uncle Saul tells a story, he plays it for all it's worth.
play it safe be careful, do not take a chance Play it safe when you go out in a boat. Wear a life jacket.
play it up act like it is important, make it a big deal If there's an argument, he plays it up. He makes it worse.
play musical chairs move people around but not change the operation, shuffle the chairs on the deck The government is playing musical chairs again - moving the the ministers around but not improving anything.
play my cards right behave in the best way, do the right things If you play your cards right at the interview, you should get the job.

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