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Idioms: put down -- put in time

put down criticize, knock, put-down Those poor kids are put down all the time - criticized and yelled at.
put down kill, shoot, dispatch, put out of its misery The horse had to be put down because it was badly injured.
put-down criticism, disapproval His speech was a put-down of our policies - very negative.
put down roots live in one place for years, buy land and raise a family After moving from town to town, we put down roots in Moose Jaw.
put her there let us shake hands, I want to shake hands with you After the argument he apologized and said, "Put 'er there."
put him in his place tell him he is wrong - that he is out of line Dwaine has insulted all of us. I hope Dad puts him in his place.
put in a good word for tell the employer that you are a good applicant If you apply for a job with us, I'll put in a good word for you.
put in a hard day work hard all day, a hard day You've put in a hard day, Fran. Let's have supper at a cafe.
put in a plug for advertise free, promote free When you speak on TV, please put in a plug for my book.
put in time be there a lot, hang out, spend time Raj puts in a lot of time at the piano. He practices a lot.

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