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Idioms: scrape by -- screw [B]

scrape by have just enough to live, get by We can scrape by if we sell the car and the TV.
scrape me off the ceiling help me become normal or recover from shock If I win a million dollars, you'll have to scrape me off the ceiling.
scrape the bottom of the barrel use the last ones or the worst ones, seconds He's a bad referee. We scraped the bottom of the barrel to find him.
scratch money, cash, bread, moola If we sell these bottles, we'll have enough scratch to buy cigarettes.
scratch remove from the list, cancel I saw the list of players on the team. I've been scratched.
scratch the surface barely begin, uncover only a few facts His first lecture on Stravinsky only scratched the surface. He told us the basic facts about the composer.
scratch your head feel confused, wonder who or why They're still scratching their heads about who assassinated Kennedy.
screech homemade liquor, hooch, moonshine We can't afford a bottle of gin, so I bought a jug of screech.
screw cheat, shaft, get an unfair advantage (also see get screwed) Twice I tried to strike a deal with him and twice he screwed me.
screw [B] have sex with, make love When he heard the bed squeaking he knew they were screwing.

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