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Idioms: suck it up -- suffer a setback

suck it up get up and do it, be strong, do not be a quitter "I can't do it, Kate. I've searched everywhere and I can't find it." "Suck it up, John. I'm counting on you to define that idiom!"
suck off [B] (See give head)
suck the hind tit [B] receive less than others, not get as good service, the short end of the stick Who is sucking the hind tit of government services? Some people say it's the seniors.
suck up to be nice for personal gain, brown nose [B] Why is Ken sucking up to me? Does he expect a raise in pay?
suckbucket student's briefcase, valise T think Zen carries a suckbucket to impress the teachers.
sucked in deceived, cheated, led to believe, taken in "You believed his story about working late at the office?" "Ya, I got sucked in."
sucker a person who is gullible; easy to persuade "Who will buy that painting?" "Oh, some sucker will come along."
sucker you fool you, cheat you, taken>/q> When you walk along the midway, don't listen to the men who want you to throw balls or darts. They're just trying to sucker you. Hear?
sucks is poor quality, does not satisfy me This radio sucks! I can't get my favorite station!
suffer a setback lose a game, fail a test, become injured or ill Italy's soccer team suffered a setback losing to Ireland.

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