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Idioms: take a dive -- take a leak [B]

take a dive plan to lose, throw a game The boxer was paid to take a dive. He allowed his opponent to win.
take a drive/trip travel, go for a drive, go on a trip They take a drive in the country every Sunday afternoon.
take a dump [B] shit, drop a log [B], take a shit [B] I looked out the window and saw a dog taking a dump on my lawn.
take a flight go, leave, take off If you don't like the way I live, you can take a flight.
take a flight leave by plane, travel on a scheduled airline flight take off We're taking WestJet Flight 703 out of Toronto on Friday.
take a gander look at, feast your eyes, take a boo Take a gander at that valley! Just look at it!
take a guess guess, try to answer, hazard a guess "How old are you?" "Take a guess."
take a hike go, leave, get lost When her old boyfriend moved in with us, I told them to take a hike.
take a joke not be mad if the joke is about you, a good sport Let's tell the story about Steve getting lost. He can take a joke.
take a leak [B] urinate, take a pee [B], take a whiz We asked the bus driver to stop so we could take a leak.

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