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Idioms: take a round out of -- take action

take a round out of defeat in a fight, win a fight Johnny is a tough guy. He took a round out of Pete, you know.
take a shine to like, show interest in At the age of four, Raj took a shine to the piano. Now he's a great pianist.
take a shit [B] have a bowel movement, take a dump [B] She wrote a book that explains how to take a shit in the woods.
take a shot criticize or insult, put down, take a poke at When he spoke about abortion, he took a shot at the government for not changing the laws.
take a shot shoot a gun at, aim and shoot a rifle Uncle was looking for a target, so he took a shot at a tin can.
take a snap shot (See take a picture)
take a stand say what you believe, state your position, take sides The teacher doesn't want to take a stand on the Young Offender Act until we've written our essays.
take a strip off scold, lecture, give you hell The foreman took a strip off me for driving too fast. He was mad.
take a whiz urinate, take a leak [B], take a pee [B] I have to take a whiz before we get on the plane. I'll be right back.
take action act in a deliberate way, act with a purpose Before I take action, I'll ask Bing if he was aware of the rules.

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