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Idioms: that a boy/that a girl -- that's his bible

that a boy/that a girl good work, well done, 'at a boy, 'at a girl Whenever I get a good grade, she says, "That a boy, Reid!"
that is that (See and that's that)
that takes the cake that is the strangest or loudest or wildest etc. I've seen big pumpkins, but that takes the cake! It's fifty pounds!
that'll be the day that will never happen, not on your life Me? Wear a ring in my nose? That'll be the day!
that'll be the frosty Friday that day will never come, don't hold your breath Canada become part of the US? That'll be the frosty Friday!
that's a corker that is unusual, that is amazing "The baby weighed 12 pounds." "Wow, that's a corker!"
that's a crock (of shit) [B] that is not true; bullshit; crap A Mustang is faster than a Corvette? That's a crock!
that's all she wrote that is the end of the story, there is no more At the end of the lesson he said, "And that's all she wrote. Any questions?"
that's cool that is good/fine/OK, that is groovy When we gave Fonzie a leather tie, he said, "That's cool."
that's his bible that is his rule book, code or main reference The Oxford English Dictionary - that's her bible.

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