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Idioms: the inside track -- the last word

the inside track being close to the person who has power, Bob's your uncle If your uncle works at Sears, you should have the inside track on the new job in Men's Wear.
the jig's up we know what you do, we know your secret The jig's up, ladies. We know why you buy those vibrators.
the john the toilet, the biffy, the can Where's the john? I have to wash my hands.
the joke is on you you are the one we are laughing at, play a joke You got the book with blank pages. The joke's on you!
the key to success the most important factor, best way to succeed He said the key to success in business is customer service.
the knock against his worst fault, his main problem Phil is a great teacher. The only knock against him is his temper.
the lap of luxury a lifestyle that includes the finest house etc. Flo married a rich realtor and now lives in the lap of luxury.
the last of it the end of it, no more of it We've had a week of -40 weather. I hope we've seen the last of it.
the last straw one too many problems, the one that ruins it The break-in was the last straw. We decided to move.
the last word the most informed statement, the most knowledge The last word in media is Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980). His ideas are still quoted, still respected.

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