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Idioms: beat it -- beauty is only skin deep

beat it go, get lost Beat it, kid! Get going! Leave!
beat the pants off defeat by a large score, blow you away Ho plays table tennis very well; she'll beat the pants off you.
beat the rap have the charges removed or dropped, get off Every time the burglar was caught he was able to beat the rap.
beat up hit and injure, defeat badly She cared for him when he got beat up, trying to ease his pain.
beat up on hit and injure, defeat in a fight "Why does he beat up on people?" "Because his dad beat up on him."
beat your head against a stone wall try an impossible task, work on a futile project Preventing war is like beating your head against a stone wall.
beat your time take away your girlfriend or boyfriend I can't believe that your friend would beat your time.
beater a car that is in poor condition, clunker Why does he drive that old beater? He could buy a new car.
beauty is in the eye of the beholder each person has a different idea of what is beautiful, one man's garbage... To him, the statue is elegant; to me, it's ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
beauty is only skin deep do not judge a person by physical features, you can't tell a book... If you want to date a beauty queen, remember that beauty is only skin deep.
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