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Idioms: twig to that -- two bits

twig to that think of that, realize that His uncle Ralph is the Premier! I just twigged to that.
twiggy slim person, as slim as a twig on a branch Kim is a gymnast. She's slim and agile - a real twiggy.
twilight years senior years, over 70, golden years Grandma wants to keep her own home during her twilight years.
twinkle toes a dancer, a person who dances with great skill I saw you dance at the Junior Ballet concert. You're a real twinkle toes!
twist my arm persuade me, convince me I really don't like pie, but if you twist my arm, I'll have a piece.
twist of fate the way fate works, the way things happen Then, by a twist of fate, a plane flew over and the pilot saw us.
twist your words change the meaning of what you say, put a different slant... When she gave her testimony in court, the lawyer tried to twist her words to mean something else.
twit fool, an airhead, dipstick What a twit! He thinks a busboy is a kid who rides the bus!
two abreast two people standing or walking side by side The children were walking two abreast on the way home.
two bits 25¢, twenty-five cents, a quarter Can you lend me two bits? I have to phone home.

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