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Idioms: work things out -- world beater

work things out discuss a problem and find a solution, work it out Maria and Paulo had a fight, but they worked things out.
work to rule do only as much work as you have to do, draw the line The teachers are working to rule because they are not satisfied with their salaries.
work up a sweat work or exercise hard, perspire, break a sweat When I skip, it takes me ten minutes to work up a sweat.
work up a thirst become thirsty, work or play until you are thirsty Digging trenches at midday, the men soon worked up a thirst.
work your ass off [B] work very hard, work my buns off Why do you work your ass off for such a small salary?
work your buns off work hard, work steadily If you work your buns off, you can learn these idioms!
workaholic one who loves to work; who is addicted to work Gary is a workaholic. He even works on weekends!
worked up excited, upset Now, Dad. Don't get worked up about the war. Don't get upset.
workout exercising, practicing a sport, weight training, work out I feel good after a workout - after jogging or swimming.
world beater a person who tries to be the best in the world, set the world on fire My coach said, "You don't have to be a world beater. Just be the best you can be."

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