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Idioms: a brick short -- a case of 

a brick short (See one brick short of a full load)
a budding genius a child who appears to be very intelligent The newspaper described Pam as "a budding genius" on the violin.
a bull in a china shop a big, reckless person in a room full of fragile things; cramp your style Imagine a 300-pound football player at a tea party, and you have a bull in a china shop.
a bum rap unfair blame, unjust sentence, take the rap It was a bum rap. Eddie didn't steal those paintings.
a bummer an unfortunate event, bad luck, too bad "Somebody broke a window in his car and stole his stereo." "That's a bummer."
a bun in the oven pregnant, expecting a baby Mabel has a bun in the oven. The baby's due in April.
a bunch of malarkey an untrue story, a lot of bunk, bull "Do you believe what the psychic said about your future?" "No. It's a bunch of malarkey."
a bundle of nerves a very nervous person; uptight person May has so many problems - she's just a bundle of nerves.
a card (See such a card)
a case of an example of, it's a case of Look at Bosnia. That's a case of ethnic civil war.
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