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Idioms: blue moon -- boiling mad

blue moon rare event, unusual happening, that'll be the frosty Friday If he ever says thank you there'll be a blue moon in the sky!
blue sky great opportunity, easy life, smooth sailing We made T-shirts, and people loved them and bought them. From then on, it was blue sky!
blurt out say without thinking, reply quickly "I did it!" the boy blurted out, and he began to cry.
boarding (hockey) checking into the boards, chairman of the boards Boarding causes serious injuries to hockey players.
Bob's your uncle no problem as "Bob," a powerful friend or relative, will do it or have it done When I asked her to give your application to the president, she said, "Bob's your uncle!"
bodacious bold, daring, defying the rules, like a daredevil He's bodacious alright. He rode his skateboard right through traffic!
body language body movements that show feelings Your body language tells me that you're tense. Please relax.
boggle your mind confuse you, make your head spin These numbers boggle my mind. I don't understand them.
bogof buy one get one free, marketing method, loss leader If you shop for bogof items you get two for the price of one!
boiling mad very angry, very upset, hopping mad By the time the car started, Emil was boiling mad.
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