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Idiom Index U

turn ugly
take umbrage
in no uncertain terms
Bob's your uncle
I'll be a monkey's uncle
monkey's uncle
buckle under
cool under pressure
crack under the strain
down under
drink you under the table
get under my skin
go under
hot under the collar
keep under wraps
start a fire under him
sweep under the carpet
under a spell
under arrest
under control
under fire
under his own steam
under my belt
under my breath
under my care
under my nose
under my skin
under my wing
under oath
under pressure
under the influence of alcohol
under the table
under the weather
under the wire
under way
under wraps
under your thumb
water under the bridge
went under
the underground
be my undoing
come undone
come unglued
unsung hero
do me for/do me until
until you're blue...
do unto others as you would have them do unto you
leave no stone unturned
stone unturned
a leg up
act up
all fired up
all it's cracked up to be
all shook up
all spruced up
all teed up
all washed up
an ace up your sleeve
ante up
back up
bark up the wrong tree
beat up
beat up on
beef it up
belly up
belly up to the bar
blood is up
blow it up (photo)
blow up
bone up on
booked/booked up
boot up
bottle up
bottoms up
break up
bring up
bring you up short
brush up on
buck up
buckle up
build up
bundle up
burn up
butter up
buy up
call up
catch up
catch up on
catch up with
caught up
chalk it up to
chalk one up for you
chat her up
check up on
choose up sides
clam up
clean up
clean up on
clean up your act
clean up your plate
clear up
come up
come up with
coming up roses
cough up
cover up
crack me up
crank it up
crop up
curl up with a good book
dig it up
do up
doctor it/doctor it up
doesn't add up
dolled up
don't know which end is up
dress up
drink up
drive me up the wall
drum up
dry up
ease up
eat it up
eat up
end up
even up
face up
fed up
fill her up
fill up
fired up
first up
freshen up
fuck up [B]
full up
gang up on
gear up
get caught up
get up a head of steam
get up on the wrong side of bed
get worked up
get your back up
get your dander up
get your hopes up
give up
give up the blueline (hockey)
give up the ghost
go up in smoke
goof up
grow up
gussied up
had it up to here
ham it up
hands up
hard up
haul up on the carpet
head up
head up there
hold up
hold you up
hole up
hook up with
hop up
horse shoes up his ass [B]
hurry up
hush up
hushed up
it's up to you
jazz up
jig is up
join up
keep it up
keep up
keep up the good work
keep up with the Joneses
keep up with the times
kick up a fuss
kick up your heels
knock up [B]
know which end is up
laid up
land up
lap up
laugh up your sleeve
leg up
let up
light up
lighten up
line up
liquored up
listen up
live it up
live up to
liven up
lock you up
look up a dead horse's ass [B]
look up to
look up/look it up
looking up
make up
make up for
make up your mind
measure up
meet up with
mess up
messed up
mix it up
mix up
mix you up
mop up
not all it's cracked up...
number is up
on the up and up
open up
open up a big can of whoop-ass
own up
pair off/pair up
pass up
patch things up
pay up
perk up
pick up
pick up the pace
pick up the pieces
pick up the tab
pick you up
pick yourself up
play it up
pony up
pop up
psyched/psyched up
pull up stakes
pull up your socks
pumped/pumped up
pushing up daisies
put 'em up
put them up
put up or shut up
put up the money
put up with
rack up
read up on
rile up
rough up
round up
rug up
run up
saddle up
screw up
send him up
set up shop
set you up
shack up [B]
shape up
shape up or ship out
sharpen up
shoot up
show up
show you up
shut up
sign up
sing up a storm
size up
slip up
smarten up
sober up
soften up
speak up
speed up
spice up
split up
spruced up
square up
stack up
stand up
stand up and be counted
stand up for
stand up to
start up
stay up
steam up
step up to the plate
stick it up your ass [B]
stick them up
stick up for
straight up
strike up a conversation
strike up the band
suck it up
suck up to
take up
take up cudgels
take up the slack
talk it up
tanked/tanked up
team up
teed up
the jig's up
things are looking up
think up
throw up
tie up
tie up loose ends
tied up
time's up
tits up [B]
toke up
top it up
touch up
toughen up
tune up
turn up
turn up your nose at
up a storm
up against
up against it
up and coming
up and running
up for grabs
up for it
up for sale
up front
up in arms
up in smoke
up in the air
up on
up shit creek [B]
up the ante
up the creek
up the stump [B]
up the wahoozey
up to
up to date
up to it
up to my ears
up to no good
up to par
up to scratch
up to snuff
up to something
up to speed
up to you
up with
up your alley
up your sleeve
up yours [B]
use up
wait up
wait up for
wake up
wake up and smell the coffee
wake up on the wrong side of bed
walk up
warm up
washed up
what's up
wind up
work up a sweat
work up a thirst
worked up
wound up
wrap it up
wrap up
write up
your number is up
cash up/cash out
uphill battle
look up/look it up
draw upon
once upon a time
upon my word
upon the words offhandedly spoken
a stiff upper lip
keep a stiff upper lip
stiff upper lip
the upper hand
upper crust
upper hand
upset the apple cart
no use for
use up
used to
as useless as a fifth wheel
as useless as tits on a boar
useless as a fifth wheel
useless as the tits...
power user
user friendly
business as usual
do your utmost
pack Uzis

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